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Dominic Buckley is committed to improving maritime safety for vessels and crews.  He successfully achieves this by using the highest quality professional training, knowledge and experience, together with personal integrity and detailed, unambiguous reporting. 

Dominic Buckley has more than 25 years’ professional and recreational experience of the marine environment.  Specialising in traditional wooden yachts and motorboats up to 150 feet in length, he is also adept at fault diagnosis in GRP hulls, including modern techniques such as cored materials and moulded liners, and has wide experience of steel construction.

He became the Surveyor for East Anglia Yacht Surveys in 2004, after successfully achieving a Diploma (with Distinction) in Yacht and Small Craft Surveying from the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) .  He is an Associate Member of the Institute, and is an active participant in its Continuing Professional Development Scheme.

Dominic Buckley previously served 17 years in the Royal Navy.  After he graduated with honours from the Royal Naval Engineering College (Manadon) in 1993, his wide-ranging employment included the maintenance of a variety of vessels from 22ft yachts to 13000ton ships.  He also supervised major refits of steel and GRP vessels.  He has also maintained and refitted a wide variety of wooden vessels, and has practical experience of wooden boat rebuilding and restoration, as well as re-rigging, re-engining and updating electrical systems.


The International Institute of Marine Surveying is an independent, non-political organisation.  Its principal aims are:

a.  the promoting of professionalism and the advancement of knowledge in the profession of Marine Surveying;
b.  to maintain high professional standards decreed in a Code of Conduct; 
c.  to verify competence of those seeking to become members of the Institute. 

It also acts to bring together experts whose specialised knowledge and practical expertise will enhance the reputation of Marine Surveyors and Marine Consultants.  For further information, please click on

International Institute of Marine Surveying